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Workshops in the historical centre of Ravenna

These workshops are organised inside the Museum Tamo of Ravenna, which is the Museum dedicated to the mosaic art.
Workshops , especially dedicated to children and students, are hosted in two big rooms completely equiped to accomodate people, also more than one student’s class and to realize interesting workshops.
Our workshops try to develop and stimulate the autonomy and critical sense in children working on the active involvement and the stimulation of their creativity.
Our museum-educators work on the stimulation of children’s curiosity: they should try to explore the reality of art not only by looking at the art with the eyes but also using all the five senses.
Educators use a specific language but, in the meanwhile, a language that childred can easily understand. In this way, they begin to learn how art works.
Children can learn to interpretate the reality touching the art, but also they begin to learn the history of their town.
These workshops are dedicated to children, especially to students from 4-5 years old to High school.
All the handmade products will be the result of an hard work of research and knowledge. Everyone brings home his own product.

Mosaic workshop

The mosaic
Nursery School, Elementary School, Middle Shool, High School.
Discovery the mosaic!
Students can see and touch tools and materials used by the mosaicist; moreover students create a little mosaic that they’ll bring home.
This workshop is characterized by imagination and creativity stimulated by using materials and colours.

The Domus of stone carpets
Elementary School, Middle Shool, High School.
Discover deeply one pf the most beautiful place of the town (The Domus of Stone Carpets)! Students realize a mosaic that represents something about the mosaics of the Domus, for exemple flowers or geometric pictures.
Before this workshop, we recommend a guided tour at the Domus.

The Mosaic of Dante
Nursery School,Elementary School, Middle Shool, High School.
Both Dante and the mosaics are really important for the town of Ravenna: with this workshop students can read the history of Dante and its Divina Commedia in a “mosaic way”.
This workshop begins with the visit of one of the part of the Tamo Museum “Mosaics between Hell and Heaven”: here students can admire contemporary mosaics inspired by the Divina Commedia of Dante.
At the end of the visit, they will realize a amall copy of a detail of these beautiful mosaics.

Symbolic and imaginary animals
Elementary School, Middle Shool, High School.
This workshop is a suggestive excursus about animals in the artistic heritage of Ravenna.
Animals can have symbolic and magical meaning but they are also real.
Students ill realize an animal in mosaic (for exemple a sheep, a dove, a ragon, a phoenix…)

Everything is mosaic
Nursery School, Elementary School (I and II class).
A workshop that use the technique of mosaic, in a different way.
Unusual materials and recyclable materials are used to create a new way to understand the mosaic.
Free your imagination and creativity!

Tactile carpets
Nursery School, Elementary School (I and II class).
A workshop that develops the mosaic technique through the use of different materials and supports (paper, glue, natural materials, recycled materials) to realize figurative or conceptual products.
Tactile properties are really important for the realization of this workshop.
This is an experience that becomes play, discovery, knowledge.

Fresco workshop

The Fresco technique
Elementary School (IV and V class), Middle School,High School
Go through the painting and the fresco.
Students prepare everything: they mix colours and reproduce a subject on a basis of fresh plaster.
Subjects can be decided with the workshop’s educators.

Clay workshop

The clay technique
Nursery School, Elementary School,Middle School
A workshop to learn to use the senses: touch, sight, sens of smell, hearing. The workshop is divided in two parts: the first is an introduction on what the clay is and how people use it. The second part, instead, students create their own object in clay.

The Roman oil lamp
Elementary School,Middle School, High School
This workshop is about the oil lamp in the ancient time. After a short explanation, students works with clay and the oil lamp.

The low relief
Elementary School, Middle School
This workshop cpncern the realization of a tile in clay and decoaretd. Schools can choose the subject.
For further information: Le proposte didattiche di LaRa – RavennAntica 2015 – 2016

Workshops: 1 hour and half
Admission fee: 5,00 € each student
Opening times: Mon – Fri 9 am – 1 pm / 2 pm – 5 pm

Info and reservations
Museo TAMO – Via Rondinelli, 2 – Ravenna
Phone:+39 0544 – 213371 int. 2 ( Mon – Fri 9 am – 1 pm)

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