MAF – Museo Archeologico di Forlimpopoli


The Museum is dedicated to Tobia Aldini, who was its Director from 1973 to 2003.
The Museum has been completely renovated by specific works of requalifications and a totally new set-up.

The important archaeological heritage of the town of Forlimpopoli is guarded in the suggestives rooms of the Fortress. The Museum was born in 1961 and groups many examples of the material culture of the Prehistoric and Protohistoric age, Roman age, Medieval Age and the Age of the Renaissance.
All the finds located in the Museum were found during excavation campaigns but also during random discoveries, in the last years, They are here located following both chronological order and thematic parameters: in this way, finds allow the visitor to understand the history of Forlimpopoli.

Info and reservations
MAF P.zza Fratti – Forlimpopoli – Phone +39 0543 748071
Fondazione RavennAntica – Phone +39 0544 36136

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