Ravenna National Museum (Museo Nazionale di Ravenna)

The Ravenna National Museum (Museo Nazionale di Ravenna) is situated in the monumental complex of San Vitale and contains important archaeological fragments: funeral steles and Roman epigraphs, and some collections of minor arts. The original part of the Museum’s heritage was collected during the 18th century, thanks to the patient research and care of the erudite monks of the big abbeys of the city. Graceful Renaissance bronze statuettes, an important collection of ivory pieces, a rich collection of icons, a section of ceramic works and a fascinating collection of ancient weapons are on display on the first floor, surrounded by an elegant Benedictine architecture.
Oriental marble capitals, decorated sarcophagi and other manufacts dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries are among the most prestigious finds of the Museum. The most importantmanufacts are those belonging to the Early Christian and Byzantine monuments listed by Unesco as World Heritage sites, such as the transennae and the cross of San Vitale or the preparatory cartoon to the mosaic of Sant’Apollinare in Classe.
The Museum also hosts an important series of frescoes dating back to the 14th century, a masterpiece by Pietro da Rimini that was taken from the Church of Santa Chiara in Ravenna.

Tel. +39 0544 543724 (offices / management offices / reception)
Tel. +39 0544 213902 (ticket office)
Email (management): drm-ero.musnaz-ra@beniculturali.it
Email (ticket office/bookshop): museonazionale.ra@ravennantica.org
The National Museum belongs to the MIBACT – Direzione Museale of Emilia Romagna (Ravenna Department)

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